3D Scapula Bone

by Anas Kassis, MD
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Product Description

3D Scapula Bone Model

Sculpted in Zbrush
The model is ready for 3d print
Available file type c4d and obj, if you want another extension just ask
3D Scapula Bone Model rendered inside c4d using octane render

Texture included:
3D_Scapula_Bone_AO.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Scapula_Bone_Color.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Scapula_Bone_Height.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Scapula_Bone_Normal.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Scapula_Bone_Roughness.jpg 4096*4096

Medical Info:
Movements of the scapula are brought about by the scapular muscles. The scapula can perform six actions:

Elevation: upper trapezius and levator scapulae
Depression: lower trapezius
Retraction (adduction): rhomboids and middle trapezius
Protraction (abduction): serratus anterior
Upward rotation: upper and middle trapezius
Downward rotation: rhomboids

Product Attributes

3D Printable
3D Scanned


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