3D Femur Bone Model

by Anas Kassis, MD
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Product Description

3D Femur Bone Model

Sculpted in Zbrush
The model is ready for 3d print
Available file type c4d and obj, if you want another extension just ask
3D Femur Bone Model rendered inside c4d using octane render

Texture included:
3D_Femur_Bone_AO.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Femur_Bone_Color.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Femur_Bone_Height.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Femur_Bone_Normal.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Femur_Bone_Roughness.jpg 4096*4096

Medical Info
As the femur is the only bone in the thigh, it serves as an attachment point for all the muscles that exert their force over the hip and knee joints. Some biarticular muscles – which cross two joints, like the gastrocnemius and plantaris muscles – also originate from the femur. In all, 23 individual muscles either originate from or insert onto the femur.

In cross-section, the thigh is divided up into three separate fascial compartments divided by fascia, each containing muscles. These compartments use the femur as an axis and are separated by tough connective tissue membranes (or septa). Each of these compartments has its own blood and nerve supply and contains a different group of muscles. These compartments are named the anterior, medial and posterior fascial compartments.

Product Attributes

3D Printable
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