3D Axis Vertebra model

by Anas Kassis, MD
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Product Description

3D Axis Vertebra Model

Sculpted in Zbrush
The model is ready for 3d print
Available file type c4d and obj, if you want another extension just ask
3D Axis Vertebra Model rendered inside c4d using octane render

Texture included:
3D_Axis_Vertebra_AO.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Axis_Vertebra_Color.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Axis_Vertebra_Height.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Axis_Vertebra_Normal.jpg 4096*4096
3D_Axis_Vertebra_Roughness.jpg 4096*4096

Anatomical Information:
The pedicles are broad and strong, especially in front, where they coalesce with the sides of the body and the root of the odontoid process. They are covered above by the superior articular surfaces.

The laminae are thick and strong, and the vertebral foramen large, but smaller than that of the atlas.

The transverse processes are very small, and each ends in a single tubercle; each is perforated by the transverse foramen, which is directed obliquely upward and laterally.

The superior articular surfaces are round, slightly convex, directed upward and laterally, and are supported on the body, pedicles, and transverse processes.

The inferior articular surfaces have the same direction as those of the other cervical vertebrae.

The superior vertebral notches are very shallow, and lie behind the articular processes; the inferior lie in front of the articular processes, as in the other cervical vertebrae

The spinous process is large, very strong, deeply channeled on its under surface, and presents a bifurcated extremity.

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