Human Colored Skull Model, Human Anatomy Study Skull

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Human Colored Skull Model, Life Size 3-Part Anatomical Models ,skeleton skull bone model , Human Anatomy Study Course

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Product description

Style:Colored Skull

The skull model includes 22 individual bones in 9 different colors. Each bone and

bony pair is painted a unique bright color for quick identification using the card.

The skull model simulates bones structure, texture, articulating mandible, accurate

eye sockets, and internal nasal cavity making it an excellent skull model skeleton for

anatomy students and artists.

Removable calvaria is attached using magnets and small pegs, allowing for easy

removal and secure replacement.


Human skull is bony structure with complicated & difficult anatomical vocabulary, it’s very hard to make people impressive & unforgettable if only by some graphic posters. Therefor, it’s very necessary to have one 1:1 life size human skull model that is equal to a 3D book. This is one physical “dictionary” about human skull structure. It’s the best tool and gift for medical student, skull sketching artist, and people who is intend to learn more about human head structure.


1.The skull models have been cast from real specimens, guaranteeing life-like detail and anatomical precision. You will see even the finest structures in these durable models made for everyday use!

2.The skull model is a three-part adult human skull model that dissembles into skull cap, skull base, and mandible for easy display of cranial features.

3.The skull model has an original human skull cast to provide accurate representation of fissures, foramina, processes, and sutures, and each tooth is individually cast to provide realistic dentition.

4.The mandible is spring mounted to demonstrate natural movement.

5.The skull model includes 22 individual bones in 9 different colors. Each bone and bony pair is painted a unique bright color for quick identification using the card.


1. The skull model can be disassembled into 3 parts Calvaria, Based of Skull, and Mandible.

2.A free colorful human skull chart to show all the detailed structures for reference.

3. The Skull Model is made of Non-toxic, Eco-friendly PVC material. Please keep in normal temperature, and DO NOT place near fire and expose to the sun for long time.

Question:How big is the small skull model?

Answer:The miniature anatomical skull model is about the size of a woman's fist with a light weight, I can easily take it anywhere.

Question:Is that suitable for learning the structure of human skull?

Answer:The mini skull model has realistic bone texture and clear sutures. I would recommend this for medical education, decoration, sketching.

Skull model includes the following anatomical structure and more

  • Skull
  • Sphenoid bone
  • Frontal bone
  • Maxilla
  • Brain
  • Infraorbital foramen
  • Anterior nasal spine
  • Zygomatic bone
  • Temporal bone
  • Greater wing
  • Mental foramen
  • Mandible
  • Ramus
  • Vomer
  • Nasal concha
  • Orbit
  • Ethmoid bone
  • Zygomatic
  • Coronal suture
  • Occipital bone
  • Acousitc meatus

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