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License Type

Royalty Free License

This is a legally binding agreement between licensee (“you”), and Artswikipedia regarding your rights to use Artswikipedia Digital Products under this license. Buyer could be a person who must be at least 18 years of age, or a corporate entity. The rights granted in this agreement are granted to the buyer, its parent company, and its majority owned affiliates on a “royalty free” basis, which means that after a Purchase, there are no future royalties or payments that are required. Collectively, these rights are considered “extended uses”, and are granted to you. The license granted is wholly transferable to other parties so long it is in force and not terminated, otherwise violated, or extinguished. This agreement incorporates by reference the Terms of Use as well as the Site’s policies and procedures as such. You are Allowed to:

  1. Rendered still images or animation can be sold as part of a feature film, broadcast, or stock photography
  2. Use the product inside game if the product iis contained inside the game and it only available inside the game, you must take all reasonable measures to prevent the end user from gaining access to the Product
  3. Use the product in book t-shirt or any other physical items
You are Not Allowed to:
  1. resale or redistribution by the Buyer of any Product, obtained from the Site is expressly prohibited unless it is an Incorporated Product as licensed above.
  2. Product may not be sold, given, or assigned to another person or entity in the form it is downloaded from the Site
  3. The Buyer’s license to Product in this paragraph is strictly limited to Incorporated Product. Any use or republication, including sale or distribution of Product that is not Incorporated Product is strictly prohibited.

Personal Use License

The product can be only used for personal use and not for commercial

Editorial License

Content published with the Editorial label may only be used in an editorial manner, relating to events that are newsworthy or of public interest, and may not be used for any commercial, promotional, advertising or merchandising use. However, in certain very limited instances, you may otherwise have the rights to IP in content that is labeled Editorial. For instance, you may be the advertising agency for a brand/IP owner or you may be the brand/IP owner itself purchasing content. If that is the case, you may use the Editorial content commercially, assuming you have the rights clearance through other means. But, you must have all the intellectual property rights necessary from the IP in the content and this is usually only the case for a brand/IP owner vendor or for a brand/IP owner itself. As a rule of thumb, if you wonder if you have these rights, you don’t. It is usually very clearly set forth in a contract. The burden and risk of confirming these rights is on each user individually if they move away from the Editorial Use restrictions. For everyone else, these Editorial restrictions include not using that material in the following ways:

  1. The material may not be used for any commercial, non-news related purpose.
  2. Products may not be used as part of billboard, trade show or exhibit display.
  3. Products may not be used in any defamatory, libelous or otherwise unlawful manner whether directly or in context or juxtaposition with specific subject matter.
  4. The material may not be incorporated into a logo, trademark or service mark. For example, you can’t use Editorial content to create a logo design.
  5. Products may not be used on any item/product for re-sale, such as a video game or t-shirt.

Custome License

Terms of the Custom License is determined by product owner and it should be writing in Product description

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